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Posted by David Collins on June 17, 2009

Daily Gaming Tidbits 06/17/09

It’s back! Yes, Daily Gaming Tidbits is back! At least I hope it is. My responsibilities have grown a bit since before E3, but I hope to keep a Tidbits post running everyday like it used to be. Granted, it may be a bit late when it posts (after 5pm PST), but it will go up daily if all goes to plan. Without further ado…

  • Firebrand Games, the developer behind Trackmania DS, will be responsible for the DS version of the Planet 51 movie tie in.
  • Good news for you Theater of War fans: A new mod pack has been released & it’s a biggie! 2.6GB of free maps, weapon and vehicle models, and buildings. Called TOW ModPack, it’s available in 4 separate parts at the Battlefront Repository.
  • Xbox LIVE went down for 24 hours yesterday so they can lay the groundwork for some new feature coming this fall (i.e. Facebook & Twitter). It came back up this morning, but not without it’s share of issues. DLC isn’t downloading, some games are missing from the XBLM, etc… They are aware of it & are working on it. In the meantime, you can check out some of the changes. It looks better & more streamlined.
  • Speaking of Microsoft, they have quietly raised the internal memory for the CORE sku to 512MB. That’s double from what it was for no apparent reason.
  • A new add-on pack for Space Invaders Extreme has been released. Purchasers will get three new stages and three new boss characters plus the original black-and-white Space Invaders arcade game & it’s colored sequel. Not bad for 240MP. Queue it up here.
  • This week’s XBL Deal of the Week is the Fallout 3 add-on, Operation Anchorage. Look for it to run you about 560MP (which is 30% off). Remember, this special is only available to Gold members & only for this week. Queue it up here.
  • The PSN is getting some new retro entertainment this July. Namco Museum Essentials, will be a hub for some of their most popular games. It sounds to me like it will work similar to the Hasbro Family Game Night games on XBL, where you get the central hub & have to get each game individually. It will support trophies & leaderboards plus, players will be able to unlock goodies for their Home apartments. There will also be a new Namco Bandai destination in Home launching the same day as the PSN hub. In it, you will be able to play trial games & unlock some Home goodies just for visiting.
  • The US version of Afrika for the PS3 will have trophy support (something the Asian release or Japanese release didn’t have).
  • The pre-order bonus for Madden 10 will be a 20 minute demo featuring Cardinals & the Steelers. This will be different from the 8 minute demo released to everyone else which will feature the Giants & the Cowboys. Meh.

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  1. Anita says:

    Your kingdom is growing faster than you did. Looks great!!! If you come up for air please call your elder to talk.

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