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Posted by David Collins on June 22, 2009

Depp Is Mad! (Hatter)

Alice in Wonderland is the perfect source material for Tim Burton’s film making style. It can be dark, twisted & gothic, just the way he likes them. When I heard that Johnny Depp was playing the Mad Hatter, I almost fell over. For me, especially after Depp’s Jack Sparrow performance in the Pirates franchise, this was perfect casting. Well, here is what he will look like in the film. Let me know what you think. Should Burton have gone with someone else?



UPDATE: I found some more for you: (yes, that’s Helena Bonham Carter & Anne Hathaway)

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2 Responses to “Depp Is Mad! (Hatter)”

  1. Snaven Shake says:

    I am ridiculous amounts of pumped for this movie. Thanks for the pics. Haven’t seen any since that leaked crappy quality Mad Hatter awhile ago.

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