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Posted by David Collins on June 29, 2009

Daily Gaming Tidbits 06/29/09

BF 1943_3

  • I just finished my review of the Fallout 3 expansion Point Lookout. Check it out here.
  • EA’s June Newsletter has given us an actual release date for Battlefield 1943. Mark July 9th on your calendars…
  • If you’ve been paying attention, you might see some various unavailable bits of clothing & such on certain Xbox 360 Avatars. The new Avatar Marketplace is being beta tested right now along with a new program called Avatar Awardables. What this will be is as you unlock certain achievements, you may also unlock certain cool items or clothing for your Avatar. Look for more on this as we get closer to the Fall Update, as that’s when the program is planned to open to the masses.
  • If you haven’t picked up the Knothole Island DLC for Fable II, now is the time. It’s being featured as the Deal of the Week on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 560MP. That’s down from the normal 800MP price tag. I picked it up at launch & it’s really a short, but good expansion to the game. One of the endings of the game was a heartbreaking experience for our hero. Knothole Island fixes that. Queue it up here
  • Are you on a quest to complete all 500 online freeburn challenges for Burnout Paradise? If so there is a reward waiting for you. A diamond-branded P12. Take a look:


  • Here’s a nifty bonus for you PC gamers. If you pre-order Trine off of Steam, you’ll get the top-down shooter Shadowgrounds as a pre-order bonus. I’m actually going to be talking to the folks at SouthPeak Games & see if I can get something set up so I can review Trine. So, stay tuned…
  • Ron Gilbert, an industry legend who has Maniac Mansion & the first two Monkey Island games among his credits, will be the keynot speaker for PAX 2009.
  • Releasing on XBLA this week is Worms 2: Armageddon & King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match. Both launch on Wednesday, July 1st for 800MP.
  • I’m a bit disappoint as we found out that the Aliens RPG that Obsidian Entertainment was working was canceled over the weekend.
  • Sony owners can now have Droplitz. It’s either on the PSN now, or will be this Thusday. I’m working on a review for this game, so look for that one soon too!

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