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Posted by David Collins on June 29, 2009

Aspyre Announces DreamKiller – Screenshots Included!

Just got this email just now & these screens look really cool. Can’t wait to see what a trailer might show us. Aspyr Media and Mindware Studios announce a new FPS game called DreamKiller that will “take gamers inside the dark and twisted nightmares of tortured souls possessed by unknown forces”. You will play Alice Drake, a psychologist who has the power to enter her patient’s dreams to help combat their inner demons. Sounds a bit like the offspring of Painkiller & Psychonauts. I guess that’s fitting since Mindware Studios are the folks who brought us Painkiller Overdose to the PC. The game is targeting a fall release for the PC & Xbox 360, but between now & then I’ll bring you as much info as I can, starting with these screenshots:

Aspyr_DreamKiller_1 Aspyr_DreamKiller_2 Aspyr_DreamKiller_3 Aspyr_DreamKiller_4



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