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Posted by David Collins on June 30, 2009

NinjaBee Adds Avatar Support & DLC To Band Of Bugs


NinjaBee Games, makers of such titles as Outpost Kaloki X, A Kingdom for Keflings & Cloning Clyde, have been hinting about their new title for the last week or so & showed us an image of an Avatar shooting a fireball. Well, this morning the veil has been lifted & come to find out, it’s not quite a new title at all.

The folks at NinjaBee announced this morning that they are adding Avatar support to it’s now 2 year old XBLA game, Band of Bugs. Players will be able to swap out the game’s protagonist for his/her Avatar. The cool part is we’ll now get to see our on-screen counterpart in battle. Casting spells (hence the fireball image) & utilizing hand-to-hand combat, you Avatar can now become battle hardened in the comfort of your living room. I can just imagine all the cries of “This is Sparta” coming out of family rooms across the country.

So, this was cool enough for me. But they (NinjaBee) decided that the Hadōken screaming Avatars isn’t enough for them. So they are giving us a new piece of DLC for the game as well. The Tales of Kaloki DLC pack is based on their previous game, Outpost Kaloki X. It’s pretty much a new game though, as the only part it borrows from Band of Bugs is the basic game mechanics. Everything else is new from the tile sets & the characters to the storyline & abilities. Here is how they describe it:

“The Tales of Kaloki DLC is Band of Bugs but with long-range combat using lasers, rocket launchers, OO rays and a ton of other sweet weapons to blow attacking space ships to smithereens. It’s all the wackiness from Outpost Kaloki X and tactics from Band of Bugs rolled into one, and we’re stoked to be releasing it.”

Looks like they plan to kick out a new premium theme for the game along with all this. The Avatar support will be free, where both the theme & the new Kaloki DLC pack will run you 240MP each. Everything will be available on July 8th, but if you want to get started on the original Band of Bugs now, queue it up here.


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