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Posted by David Collins on June 30, 2009

Daily Gaming Tidbits 06/30/09


  • Ronnie2K released on Twitter yesterday the first screenshot of NBA 2K10 (see right). What’s notable is how current it is, as it shows Shaq in his Cavs uniform, a trade that just happened a couple of weeks ago. It also has LeBron James in the back doing his pregame ritual, a testament to the detail being paid to the game.
  • Speaking of NBA 2K10, the contents of the CE version of the game has been released & I don’t know about you, butu I almost want to buy this one. It comes with an exclusive, McFarlane created Kobe Bryant figure, a Kobe poster, a video about the 2K series & access to an exclusive VIP online lounge called the Gold Room. So, all that for $100? Yeah, but that’s not the selling point for me. It also comes with a game holder shaped like a locker. It’ll hold 20 games. Check it out:


  • Skate 2 fans got some good news this morning. Looks like a new DLC pack is on it’s way, called the Maloof Money Pack. To celebrate the release (it comes out July 9th), they are holding a Double Up Cash & XP Weekend from July 9-12.
  • The popular (& notorious) P2P site The Pirate Bay has been bought & is going legit. Yep, Global Gaming Factory X has bought the site & plans to introduce new business models that will allow content owners to be paid for the stuff being downloaded off the site. Hmmmmm….shades of Napster?
  • I heard rumors about this a few days ago, but has now confirmed that Starcraft II will not support LAN. Blizzard representative Bob Colayco said "We don’t currently plan to support LAN play with StarCraft II, as we are building to be the ideal destination for multiplayer gaming with StarCraft II and future Blizzard Entertainment games,". What? That’s an odd omission considering how popular the first game is on the tourney fronts, both pro & locally. That would be like omitting the Protoss. I really hope Blizzard adds this feature before the game ships…
  • Wii Sports Resort has only been on store shelves for 4 days, but it’s already accumulated over 350,000 in unit sales. Was this unexpected?
  • Disney will be shipping both G-Force & Toy Story Mania! with 3D glasses so players can enjoy the games in full stereoscopic 3D.
  • Mega Man Star Force 3 has been released in North America.
  • Game publisher PlayLogic has launched Gamessence, an online digital distribution portal. Check it out here.
  • Mastertronic is launching a new indie label, appropriately titles Great Indie Games. Their focus will be to bring independent PC games to a wider audience. First title launched under the new label? World of Goo
  • Mastertronic is also releasing a few compilation collections: Conflict Collection, Deus Ex Complete, & Hitman Ultimate Contract.

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