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Posted by David Collins on June 30, 2009

PC’s Get ‘Fuel’ed This Week

Fuel has been out on the consoles for a bit now, but PC lovers have been left with an empty tank. Well, that tank is about to get some gas as the Codemasters’ racer Fuel is being launched on PC this week. Check out the screenshots & trailer below:

offroad_tnlr_2009-06-25_14-46-39-28 offroad_tnlr_2009-06-25_14-55-20-47 offroad_tnlr_2009-06-25_15-14-23-36 offroad_tnlr_2009-06-25_15-53-30-50 offroad_tnlr_2009-06-25_16-45-54-19

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