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Posted by David Collins on July 2, 2009

Daily Gaming Tidbits 07/02/09


  • The hotly anticipated next installment in DICE’s Battlefield series, Battlefield 1943, will be hitting XBLA on July 8th for 1200MP & PSN on July 9th for $15.
  • With that announcement, the game codes for Battlefield 1943 that were handed out at E3 can be redeemed now….for the Xbox 360. PS3 players don’t have to redeem anything. The code is already set up for the PSN. 360 players have to go here & redeem theirs to get the code needed for the XBLM.
  • Universal Pictures has won the rights to make a movie based on the Asteroids movie. Um….why?
  • Battlestations: Pacific is getting 2 new DLC packs this month. The first one, called The Mustang Pack, will feature 6 new units (US P-51 Mustang bomber escort, Super Yamato Class, etc…) & 18 new pieces of nose art. It’s available today for 160MP. The next pack, called The Carrier Battles Map Pack, will have 4 new maps including Midway & the Philippine Islands. It will release on July 23rd for 800MP.
  • Silverlight, Microsoft’s answer to Adobe’s Flash software, will be what powers the soon-to-be-HD ads that will be featured on the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
  • Even though Left 4 Dead 2 is on it’s way, look for an announcement on new DLC for the first game before the end of the summer…
  • Looks like Alpha Protocol has a release date now. Look for it on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC on Oct 6th.
  • WB’s intent on purchasing Midway for $33M has been approved.

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