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Posted by David Collins on July 3, 2009

Latest RE: DarkSide Chronicles Screens From Japan Expo

Capcom made their showing at the latest Japan Expo, bringing along these new screenshots & a new trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

SS000001_psd_jpgcopy SS000003_psd_jpgcopy

SS000004_psd_jpgcopy SS000005_psd_jpgcopy

SS000005b_psd_jpgcopy SS000012_psd_jpgcopy

SS000013_psd_jpgcopy SS000013b_psd_jpgcopy

SS000014_psd_jpgcopy SS000015_psd_jpgcopy

SS000015b_psd_jpgcopy SS000018_psd_jpgcopy

SS000018a_psd_jpgcopy SS000018b_psd_jpgcopy


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