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Posted by David Collins on July 6, 2009

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Hulk vs Zangief Screens

M_VS.C2_ROGOAs we countdown the days until this hotly anticipated release, Capcom continues to drop us some more screenshots. This set features Hulk vs Zangief. No official release date has been announced beyond ‘Summer’, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one come out during the last 2 weeks of July.


MvC2_Hulk_screen004_bmp_jpgcopy MvC2_Hulk_screen005_bmp_jpgcopy MvC2_Hulk_screen009_bmp_jpgcopy MvC2_Zangief_screen001_bmp_jpgcopy MvC2_Zangief_screen004_bmp_jpgcopy MvC2_Zangief_screen009_bmp_jpgcopy


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