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Posted by David Collins on July 9, 2009
Review: Droplitz (XBLA)

Review: Droplitz (XBLA)

When I initially saw the first screenshots of Droplitz, my first though was of the old puzzlers that came out during the Tetris craze like Pipe Dream. After playing the plumbing puzzler, I found that assessment wasn’t too far off. This is a puzzle game in it’s purest sense. There is no storyline. No flashy visuals or obscene base thumping sound track. Just an endurance marathon of pipe fitting & drop saving that will give all the would be plumbers a run for their money.

The first thing you notice as you turn it on is that you only get the Classic game mode to play in. The other modes, Zendurance Challenge, Power-Up & Infection, are only available to you once you score a pre-set amount of points in one of the other modes. For example, to unlock the Zendurance Challenge,  mode, you must score more than 75,000 points in Classic mode. To unlock the Power Mode, you must score more than 150,000 points in the Zendurance Challenge, so on & so forth. Each mode presents a new set of challenges which  adds a nice variety to the typical classic challenge. As you complete the levels, you open new background to play in, but these pretty much amount to the screensavers you have on your PC. The sound is a light & fluffy affair, similar to the elevator music you run across in government buildings. In fact, I found the music added to the challenge as it’s trying to relax you while the puzzle difficulty is trying to stress you out.

Here is where my problem is: what I just laid out for you is all there is to it. There really isn’t anything else to the game to keep you playing it. The only real goal is to break your high score or see how long you can last. Sometimes, that’s enough to keep you going, provided the gameplay is engaging enough. For Droplitz, it’s not.  Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad game. The challenge is there so any fan of the genre will love it.  But I don’t think it will bring in the non-puzzler like some of PopCap’s titles have. Here’s a link to the demo. Queue it up & see what you think. It’s perfect for puzzle game fans or anyone who is looking for a strong challenge. If you do decide to buy it, just make you sure budget for the 800MP the game will run you.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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