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Posted by David Collins on July 17, 2009
Harmonix Gives Rock Band A Music Studio

Harmonix Gives Rock Band A Music Studio

I know of a couple of people who love to create music. In fact, they specifically bought Guitar Hero: World Tour just for the music creator (GH Tunes). Now, budding musical artist will have a new choice! Harmonix, the group behind the original Guitar Hero & the Rock Bandicon franchise is opening the Rock Band Network to the masses! Artists will be able to take their original tracks & upload it to the Rock Band servers. Once there, it will be looked over & approved my Harmonix. Once approved, they will create the gameplay for it & then it will be put up for sale. Artists will be able to set the price, anywhere from $.50 to $3.00 & will receive 30% of the revenue. The Microsoft’s Community/Indie Games program, but specifically for Rock Band. The beta version of the program will launch in August & the first tracks will be Xbox 360 exclusive for now. Eventually, all the approved tracks will make it to the PS3 & the Wii.

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