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Posted by David Collins on July 22, 2009
Alice In Wonderland Posters (& Trailer!)

Alice In Wonderland Posters (& Trailer!)

Through the Looking Glass is probably one of the best pieces for source material for a director like Tim Burton. The interpretation can go in so many directions & is well suited for the dark style that Burton has. I was pretty excited to find out he was adapting it. Once I found out that Johnny Depp was cast as the Mad Hatter (man, he’s come a long way from 21 Jump Street, hasn’t he?), I was sold instantly. Now, it’s just the waiting game as new items are trickled out to build the hype leading up to the March 5th release date. ComicCon attendees are in for a treat as the first teaser will be shown there. As soon as I see it hit the net, I’ll post it. For now, here are the official teaser posters for the film:

UPDATE: Just after I posted this, IGN grabbed the teaser. So, look below for it!

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Original Video- More videos at TinyPic
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