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Posted by David Collins on March 3, 2009

Some ‘ABC’ news…

v_tv_seriesI have a little bit for ya from ABC. First up is the announcement of the cancellation of Life On Mars. ‘Mars’ is the US version of the fairly popular 2006 British show. Whereas the US show will finish with 1 season (17 episodes), the British version had 2 seasons & a spin-off titled Ashes To Ashes launched in February of last year & is on it’s 2nd season. Fortunately for all the fans, with ABC letting them run 17 episodes, the writers will have a chance to wrap up the mysteries on how a 2008 cop ended up in 1973…

Next up is the planed relaunch of V, based on the 1983 miniseries. At this point, I believe the order is only for the pilot episode. Casting has begun & the lead will be Scott Wolf, from Party Of Five fame. He will play a TV reporter who ends up as a ‘Visitor’ supporter so he can further his career. Personally, I’m rather excited about the V remake as I have many fond memories as a kid watching the original.

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