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Posted by David Collins on August 3, 2009
Some Beautiful ODST Firefight Screenshots

Some Beautiful ODST Firefight Screenshots

These screenshots are just gorgeous! All of them are from the new Halo 3: ODSTicon Firefirght mode. They take place on a map called Alpha Site, which is the interior of the Office of Navel Intelligence. As you can tell, it’s gonna be a lot of close quarters combat, which is my personal favorite! For those that are out of the loop, ODST takes place in between Halo 2 & 3. It focuses on an ODST trooper & his mission in New Mombasa to find his missing teammates. It’ll also include several new maps for Halo 3 & a beta invite to Halo: Reach. Check out these screens & look for ODST to hit store shelves on September 22nd…





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