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Posted by David Collins on August 13, 2009
Rock Band Metal Track Pack Is Official

Rock Band Metal Track Pack Is Official

*sigh* I understood the point of the track packs. There are people out there who have a limited or no access to the Internet, so they can’t download the songs they want. Hence the Track Packs. This way, all Rock Band fans can get some additional music for the game. What I don’t understand is this latest trend of putting exclusive songs on it. As a person who does have an Internet connection, I already have bought all the songs I wanted off the Music Store. So why make me buy them again so I can get one or two songs? That’s just blatant pocketbook rape. For me, this started with the recently released Country Track Pack. With my son & wife being country music fans, I already have all the tracks available on the Music Store. So why do I have to buy them all again just to get Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain or Rascal Flatts? Well, rock fans are about to face the same dilemma as Harmonix has announced the Rock Track Pack. In it is a bunch of songs already available & a couple that are exclusive to the pack. Are you going to buy them all over again just to get a couple of exclusive songs? Makes me want to stop buying music off the Music Store & just wait for the track pack. Look for this to hit retail on “Rocktober” 13th for $30…

1. All That Remains Two Weeks

2. At the Gates Blinded By Fear

3. Black Tide ShockWave

4. Blue Öyster Cult Transmaniacon MC*

5. Bullet For My Valentine Waking the Demon

6. Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet

7. Evile Thrasher

8. Godsmack I Stand Alone

9. The Haunted D.O.A.

10. Hawkwind Master Of The Universe*

11. I Mother Earth Levitate*

12. In This Moment Forever

13. Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance

14. Lacuna Coil Closer

15. Lamb of God Laid to Rest

16. Motörhead Killed by Death*

17. Nazareth Hair of the Dog*

18. Queens of the Stone Age 3’s & 7’s

19. Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade*

20. Yngwie Malmsteen Red Devil

* Denotes exclusive track

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  1. Fort Griffen says:

    That sucks because I would have bought Bulls on Parade separately.

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