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Posted by David Collins on September 15, 2009
EA Plans To Skate For A Third Time

EA Plans To Skate For A Third Time

In May 2010, EA’s Skate franchise makes a return for a third go round. You’ll rarely see a skater boarding on his own. He/She will always have a group of buddies around. EA has noticed this & as such, the focus for Skate 3 will focus on building up the Ultimate Skate Crew. Players will be able to compete in team-based challenges & battle rival crews in the new location, Port Carverton. Also new to the franchise is co-op mode. Throw in a more robust editor that will allow players to create their own logos, skate decks, videos & skate-parks & you have a new package that skaters are sure to enjoy. The question is, with Tony Hawk: Ride rolling out soon, is this a competitor that will pull sales away from Activision or will this be a complement in which gamers will get both games? Pre-order bonus includes an unlock code for “Black Box Distribution Skate Park, home turf of Zero, Mystery, and Fallen skate teams.” It’ll be on the Xbox 360 & the Playstation 3. Check out the teaser below…

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