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Posted by David Collins on November 11, 2009
The Onion Reveals Modern Warfare 3

The Onion Reveals Modern Warfare 3

The folks at The Onion (a satirical news network that will take on just about anything if it can be funny) has now jumped on all the Modern Warfare 2 hype. In the below world exclusive piece, they reveal the details behind Modern Warfare 3, spoiling the various mission types & the real world detail that will be found in the game. The question is, did Infinity Ward put too much realism into it? Nah, realism is what every hardcore l33t gamer is looking for, right? If you thought you put in a lot of time in the previous games, wait until you fire this baby up. If everything follows the normal schedule, look for this one to be in your living room during the holiday 2011 shopping season. Unfortunately, there was no mention of Natal support. Check it out… Submit Button

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