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Posted by David Collins on February 4, 2010
Needlemouse + XBLA/PSN/WW = Sonic 4

Needlemouse + XBLA/PSN/WW = Sonic 4

When we first got wind of Project Needlemouse, there was a mix of joy & trepidation. Joy at the return of the iconic speedster & trepidation because of the long time struggle Sega has had getting the spiny mammal to be successful since it’s 16 bit days. Today, Sega finally showed it’s hand, & I must say, I think they’ve been dealt full house. One of the biggest complaints have been that they seem to miss re-creating the magic that Sonic had back on the Genesis. So, Sega seems to have finally taken that to heart & is creating Sonic 4. No were-hogs, no RPG elements & no 3D. Just a new classic 2D platformer featuring Sonic in all his blurry feet goodness & lots of rings. Tailored for a digital download release, it’s heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade, Playstation Network, WiiWare, & possibly a fourth, unannounced platform (I’m thinking either a mobile or handheld). Interestingly, it’s titled Episode 1, so there’ll be several of them coming out. Not much else has been announced beyond that, & the trailer doesn’t even show us any real gameplay, but on the official site there are a bunch of countdowns so expect more news tomorrow & info on the potential characters sometime next month. So, thoughts? Are you excited to see Sonic get back to his roots? It should be releasing sometime this summer… Submit Button

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