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Posted by David Collins on February 12, 2010
Final Fantasy XIII Bundles Up Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII Bundles Up Xbox 360

Man, I really need to find a way to have a ‘bundle budget’. You know, a stash of cash that’s dedicated solely to buying the various console bundles that come out as I really want some of them. Case in point is the recently announced (& previously Japan-only) Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle. Sporting a 250GB HD, 2 controllers, a white console, the game & some Avatar downloads, it’s a solid package…for someone who doesn’t already have an Xbox 360. Considering I already have two consoles & several controllers, $400 is a bit much to pay for a $60 game, some Avatar goodies & a 250GB HD. With that said, folks who pre-order the bundle will also get a nifty limited edition Final Fantasy XIII faceplate. I have a faceplate fetish (only for the limited ones, not the ones you can buy off the shelf) which is similar to my Avatar prop fetish, so that’s a huge draw for me. Faceplates were part of the customizing features that Microsoft touted leading up the console’s launch but over the years, it seems like that focus has fallen off the truck. New plates are few & far between. Since I still can’t justify the purchase, if any of you do grab one (the bundle will launch right alongside the game), feel free to send me the faceplate :) Submit Button

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