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Posted by David Collins on February 16, 2010
Are You The Next ‘God Of War’?

Are You The Next ‘God Of War’?

*sigh* Really, the whole reality show thing is okay sometimes, if anything to appease the inner voyeur in all of us. But seriously, it’s becoming the dirge of television. What? Can’t exploit a media property anymore? I know, lets make a reality show!! Bah! Drives me nuts. Anyway, Sony is at it again, this time partnering up with Spike TV & featuring everyone’s favorite pissed off warrior, Kratos. Poised to promo the game, it sounds like it will be a single episode set to air the night before the March 16th launch (so does it really qualify as a reality show or a glorified marketing stunt?). Basically, Last Titan Standing will take the biggest God of War fans (aka the cast members) & give them physical, mental & gaming challenges inspired from the game. Participants will receive a “special” copy of God of War III & other various swag. Here’s the details from Spike:

If you are in good physical, mental, and gamer condition, here’s what to do Read the eligibility requirements here and then by Friday, February 19, 2010, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (Don’t Lag!  The earlier you enter the more we know you want it!):

Download the Questionnaire here.  Fill it out and send it along with a photo and a (approx) 150 word email to pitching us why YOU should compete to be the Last Titan Standing and play God of War III before the rest of the world!

Producers will contact you for more information. Submit Button

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