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Posted by Heath Smith on February 25, 2010
W!Games Is A ‘Greed’y ‘Corp’oration

W!Games Is A ‘Greed’y ‘Corp’oration

Alright, I was probably reaching way down in the bottom of the cheese bag for that title. But seriously, W!Games has been hyping Greed Corp for some time now so seeing it finally launch (& there-by giving me a chance to play it) is something I wanted to bring to your attention. The Xbox LIVE Arcade & Playstation Network title is a turn-based strategy game based on the Mistbound universe. The single player features 4 factions, 24 maps, & over 10 hours of gameplay while the multiplayer will pit you against up to 3 other people (for a total of 4) in local, online, or bot-controlled action across 36 maps. The part that caught my eye was the land collapsing mechanic, which looks like it’ll really add to the strategic depth of the title. Below is the trailer to appease your curiosity and if you want to pick it up, you can grab the demo from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace here, buy it for 800 MP here or fire up your Playstation 3 & grab it of the Playstation Store for $9.99…. Submit Button

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  1. [...] W!Games let loose their turn-based strategy title, Greed Corp this week (catch the launch trailer here). Those of you following the in-house reality show The Tester will be happy to see episode 2 is out [...]

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