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Posted by David Collins on March 27, 2009

iPhone Gaming Explodes At GDC

Info on the new games for iPhone has been trickling out of the GDC for the last few days. G4TV has put up an article covering the highlights. With all the support the iPhone is getting for games, I think Apple has just about solidified itself as a handheld contender. Take a look & let me know what you think,. Is Apple playing with the big boys now or not?


  • Noby Noby Boy: Keita Takahashi’s weird-ass, awesome Noby Noby Boy will be headed to Apple’s platform. Reportedly playable from a top-down perspective, Takahashi said the game was in its early stages. It’s only been in development for a week, but if possible, he’s interested in some kind of interoperability between the PlayStation 3 version of Noby and the iPhone version. Noby Noby Boy for iPhone might even be released for free!
  • Wolfenstein 3D: The development of the iPhone version of this seminal first-person shooter was overseen by John Carmack, the creator of the original Wolfenstein 3D. Carmack says he plans to release the game episodically and the first episode is available here for free if your iPhone is "jail-broken." EA is also releasing Wolfenstein RPG to the iPhone. (See below for EA’s 2009 iPhone lineup.)
  • Doom: Another Carmack-created, history-making FPS game. Reportedly Doom on its way to the App Store, too. Doom on iPhone is a little redundant though. I think the game has already been ported to every electronic device ever invented, including my toaster.
  • Mega Man 2: This famous old-school console classic is available right now at the iTunes store and features a "virtual joystick" that will make you virtually feel like you’re in an old-school virtual arcade. This is the full, 14 level game, but the controls have been iPod-ized and gameplay has been "rebalanced." Does that mean an easy-button? Download and see!

  • Rolando 2, Rolando 3: Ngmoco announced that the sequel to Rolando will feature four worlds and 36 levels and will be followed by a free level-pack update to bring 20 more levels by October. Rolando 3 will be released in November, with the free level packs released later.
  • Electronic Arts announced a slew of games coming to the iPhone that represents most of their sports lines (Tiger Woods, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live), as well as iPhone version of other high-profile games (Spore Creatures, Command & Conquer, Need for Speed, Sims 3, SSX, Wolfenstein RPG) and iPhone versions of classic board games  (Battleship, Connect Four, RISK, Monopoly classic, Clue) and other titles (American Idol, Mystery Mania.)


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