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Posted by David Collins on April 2, 2009

Jak And Daxter Are Making Their Return…To Last Gen Consoles?

I was a big Jak & Daxter fan all the way up to the 3rd game in the franchise. It started to get very derivative after that. So the three year hiatus that the franchise has been on was a welcomed one for me. I figured Sony would take a break & reboot the franchise on the PS3. Well, I didn’t quite get what I wanted. This morning Sony Computer Entertainment announced the return of Jak & Daxter. The only problem is it is a direct sequel & it will be coming out for the PS2 & the PSP. Called Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, it follows the story of the previous Jak games, this time seeing the duo attempting to save the world from "dark eco" and help Kiera become a Sage in the process. The game will feature both on-foot platforming and flying sections with five different aircraft.


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