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Posted by David Collins on April 30, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Xbox 360 Demo Impressions

Wolverine_KeyArt_Title As I came home tonight after watching my kids compete in their Mathletes competition, the first thing I noticed was that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine demo had been released. As a fan of Raven Software’s previous work along with the promises to make a Wolverine game that is as brutal as he is supposed to be, I have been looking forward to giving this one a spin. I immediately queued the game up with & finished some other work before I fired up my 360 & downloaded the game. I noticed it was only 625 MB, so I knew it would be a rather short demo. Once I loaded it up, the first word that came to my mind was “FINALLY!”.

The demo was exactly what a Wolverine game should be. First, it’s brutal. It’s listed as a ‘Mature’ game & they mean it. From the opening cut scene where we watch Wolverine shove his claws through a wall & pierce the skull of the soldier on the other side to having our hero dive at a helicopter, pull the pilot out & lift him up to be decapitated by the rotor blades, this game has the visceral glee of tearing apart our opponents like an angry beast from beginning to end. Even watching Logan’s wounds heal up slowly as I moved through the level felt right.

During the short play time, I unlocked several moves that not only enhanced the blood letting, but just felt right for the character. I hope that is just a taste of what’s to come. My favorite move was the feral lunge. I was able to target an enemy from a distance & dive through the air at him, effectively impaling the enemy like a shish kabob. The sound was fitting, if not unspectacular. The controls felt intuitive with pop ups advising on how to accomplish a newly unlocked move. There is some kind of leveling up process, along with items that can be found such as mutagens that will enhance Wolvie’s mutant abilities. I can’t really say to much about it as the demo just gives you the smallest bit of it.

I didn’t really see myself getting board with the play mechanics because everything was detailed so nicely that I stayed interested as I approached each area. My only concern is the replayability. I didn’t see anything that was going to make me come back & play through a second time. That’s not to say there isn’t anything, just that the demo didn’t really imply it. I suspect one 10 – 12 hour play through will be more than enough. But I may be wrong. Either way, this is a definite rental, if not a buy.

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