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Movie Review: Milk

As a history buff growing up in California, I was aware of the story of Harvey Milk. I didn’t know about the details, but I knew he was the first (openly) gay politician elected to public office & I knew he had been murdered before his first term was completed. I never realized how much of an activist he was nor how long it took him to get elected. I also never knew he was just feeling his way through the process. I had always thought of him as a politician who happened to be homosexual. As with any docudrama, I’m sure some of the details were changed or embellished, but the over all theme...
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DeLorean Comes ‘Back’ To Film

No, there isn’t another Back to the Future coming, so wipe down the drool off your keyboard. What is coming is a biopic on John Z. DeLorean. Everyone knows him from his car that was featured so prominently in the Back to the Future films. What a lot of you might not know about is the famed designer’s back story. He started out engineering cars like the Pontiac GTO. From there, he moved on to Chevy & then started the DeLorean Motor Company. The company failed not long after it’s inception, only producing 9000 DeLoreans. In order to get cash to save his company, he turned to...
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