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Holiday Gift Guide – RPGs

Holiday Gift Guide – RPGs
To be honest, not a lot of RPGs caught my attention this year. There have been a couple of stand-outs along with one RPG/FPS hybrid, but that’s about it. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “RPG”, it’s short for Role Playing Game. These games, which originate from table-top games like Dungeons & Dragons, allow for the player to immerse themselves in a role they create. With the focus on story driven character development, RPGs typically have robust character creators to allow you to choose anything & everything, from eye color to character class to the even...
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Movie Review: Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging

I have a ton of movies. More than I will probably ever watch. So, every now & then I will watch something that is just a bit out of the ordinary for me or it might be something old that everyone has seen many times & I just didn’t get around to watching it. This one falls into the former category. This is a British teen film that carries the the Nickelodeon logo right from the start. From the beginning, I had an initial impression on what this one was going to be about just from the brief synopsis I read. Turned out I was spot on. Bookmark It Hide...
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