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Daily Gaming Tidbits 07/27/09

Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC (Pikman Edition) should be available for free for the next week or so… Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is expanding again this fall. Called Tatooine, the pack will pick up where the game ended. It will go down the dark path, assuming the Apprentice killed Vader & took his place. The pack will take the Apprentice to Tatooine, where he will hunt down Obi-Wan Kenobi & meet up with Boba Fett… Bookmark It Hide Sites
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A Nightmare On Elm Street Teaser Poster

This pretty much speaks for itself… Bookmark It Hide Sites
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‘Fright Night’ Remake….Really?

My first thought when I heard about this was ‘Why?’. Now that I’ve looking a little more into it, I guess I understand. Fright Night was (released in 1985) was about a student who find out his next door neighbor is a vampire. He then enlists the help of a b-movie marathon host to deal with the vampire. At the time, I liked it as it was a comedy/horror film, which was big back in the 80’s. I was 10 years old then. Now, I’m not so sure I would feel the same. Apparently the film was successful as it spawned a sequel & a bunch of merchandise sale. The original was made for 9 million dollars...
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Daily Movie/TV Tidbits 04/28/09

Talk about a guy who cares for his fans! Hugh Jackman ordered pastries & coffee for 800 people, covering everyone who stood in line all night for the premier of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Tempe, AZ. Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Daily Movie/TV Tidbits 04/23/09

  Even though ABC hasn’t officially ordered the series, they plan to start marketing Flash Forward during the 100th episode of Lost. Richard Dreyfuss will cameo and Ving Rhames will star in Dimension Films’ horror-thriller remake Piranha 3D. The plot has an earthquake causing Arizona’s Lake Havasu floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas. Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Little Shop Of Horrors……Again!

The original Little Shop of Horrors was produced by famed film-maker Roger Corman & released in 1960. It garnered enough of a cult following that it was remade in 1986. That version was directed by Frank Oz & based mostly on the Ashman/Menken off-Broadway musical version. Now, it is looking like we will get another remake. According to Shock Til You Drop, Declan O’Brien ("Wrong Turn 3") has optioned the rights for a new version. But, O’Brien’s take will be different again – "I have a take on it you’re not going to expect. I’m taking...
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The First “Drag Me To Hell” Poster

I’m sooooo looking forward to this movie. Feels like Evil Dead for this millennium. Here is the first poster & I’m posting the trailer below that for those who haven’t seen it. Theatrical release is set for May 29th. Let me know what you think in the comments. Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Some Possible “Nightmare On Elm Street” Remake Spoilers

Michael Bay & his Platinum Dunes production company are remaking A Nightmare On Elm Street. Personally, I’m very leery when it comes to remakes. Most of the time, I feel let down after seeing one. But, if any of the below spoilers are true, This one might actually be better than the original. Keep in mind that it is still very early in production, so any or all of this may not make it into the final film. Hit the jump to check it out:
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Finally, A Proper Wolf Man!

With this ‘remake fever’ that Hollywood has been stricken with, we as the viewing audience have been forced to see things from the terrible (The Pink Panther, House of Wax) to the somewhat decent (The Nutty Professor, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Rarely do I see one that honestly gets me excited instead of a massive, groan inducing, sense of dread. If this pic is anything to judge the film by, then The Wolf Man is one to be excited about. Finally, we get to see a, what in my minds eye is a ‘proper’ Wolf Man. EW initially posted this pic along with an interview with the make-up...
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Pennywise Coming Back To Scare The Big Screen

This sucks. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago I might have had some hope. I wouldn’t have been excited, but I might have had some hope. Today, this news just plain sucks. What am I talking about? I just found out that Stephen King’s It is being adapted for a big screen release. Developed by Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment, this will be a fresh take on the original 1986 novel, ignoring the 1990 TV mini-series. The guy who has been tasked with writing the ‘Pet Semetary‘ remake, Dave Kajganich, will be writing this one as well. I have several issues with this. First, feature...
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Jason Returns For Another ‘13th’

Friday The 13thThe recent reboot of the Friday The 13th franchise was successful enough to warrant a sequel. New Line & Platinum Dunes are moving ahead with the next chapter in the reboot. Where the recently released first chapter borrowed elements from the first 2 films, the sequel will have nothing to do with the rest of the original franchise. While it will bring Jason Voorhees back as the villian, a whole new cast of victims are expected, bringing no one back from the first film. The script is being worked on now by writers Damian Shannon & Mark Swift, but don’t expect a lot...
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