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Tron Legacy Comic-Con Trailer

Tron Legacy Comic-Con Trailer
Wow, I can’t believe they may actually pull it off! I admit, I had my doubts about the now long in development Tron sequel. I just didn’t think Disney could pull off the same magic that the first movie had. I was anticipating another garbage sequel made to rehash an old license that should have been left alone. Now, I’m beginning to change my mind. Apparently the long development time has paid off. Watch this trailer & you tell me, will it be just as good as the first Tron film? Can you imaging the merchandising tie-ins with this one? I want my Tron Legacy t-shirt & video...
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AvP Ads Are Cooler Than The Films

Sky TV is an English cable/broadband provider. They were airing one of the AvP films last month. To promo that, they had a New Zealand based ad company called DDP set up some images for them. These things are too cool! Check them out… Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Um…………..WOW! T4 Trailer B Will Make You Drool!

There isn’t much to say here other than ‘WOW’. This trailer screened at Wondercon last week & hit the net today. Tell me what you think in the comments… Bookmark It Hide Sites
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‘Re-Animator’ Getting Re-Animated In 3D

The HP Lovecraft story is getting brought back again, this time in 3D. The original Stuart Gordon film was released in 1985. Since then, it has become a cult favorite. It followed the story of Dr. Herbert West, an unsuccessful doctor who moves to New England to perfect his formula for raising the dead. The producer of the original film, Brian Yuzna (he also directed it’s sequels), is working with Producer Ray Haboush to develop this one. Not sure of the release date yet. There is a listing on IMDB for a ‘House Of Re-Animator‘ but I don’t know if this is the same film or...
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