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Holiday Gift Guide – RPGs

Holiday Gift Guide – RPGs
To be honest, not a lot of RPGs caught my attention this year. There have been a couple of stand-outs along with one RPG/FPS hybrid, but that’s about it. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “RPG”, it’s short for Role Playing Game. These games, which originate from table-top games like Dungeons & Dragons, allow for the player to immerse themselves in a role they create. With the focus on story driven character development, RPGs typically have robust character creators to allow you to choose anything & everything, from eye color to character class to the even...
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The Return!

The Return!
I’m sorry & thank you……………… I know, that’s a bit of an abrupt way to begin my first post in a month. In fact, I’ve been thinking about this piece for the last 4 days, trying to figure out exactly what to say. I had many ideas, but only those 5 words really stuck out & actually meant anything to me. I wanted to apologize to everyone. Even though I understand that I can’t completly own everything that has happened, I still felt throughout the last 4 weeks that I let a lot of people down. The readership on this site was expanding...
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An Awesome Phillips TV Ad!

This is absolutely awesome! It’s an ad for Phillips new 21:9 Widescreen TV. That’s Cinemascope size (2.35:1). Check the YouTube snippit below or go to the site here. Technorati Tags: Phillips Carousel,TV Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Ashton Kutcher vs CNN Gets More Interesting

           So much drama! Having followers on Twitter has become such a status symbol that people are begging & bribing just to reach a certain goal in this cyber popularity contest. I have only been on Twitter a few months & I’ve been bombarded by requests to follow this guy or that girl or someone’s dog. Well, the latest addition to this intense power struggle is Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) & CNN (@cnnbrk). I follow them both, but to be honest, I really wasn’t paying all that much attention. Like I said, I see this race happening...
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Internet Explorer Turns 8

So, Microsoft has now released their final build of Internet Explorer 8. After playing around with it, it seems to be even more firmly integrated into Window’s Live. Since I don’t really use Live all that much, nor do I use IE, I don’t know how much this is an improvement over previous versions. Below is a quick feature list & if you haven’t downloaded it, you can get it here. For you IE users, give me your thoughts in the ‘Comments’… Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Some Details Of The New iPhone OS 3.0

Apple previewed their next version of the iPhone OS. Here is a quick rundown on what the end-user should get: Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Suppository?….Or The New iPod Shuffle!

So, Apple has announced the new iPod Shuffle. Can these things get any smaller? Pretty soon, we will just have an earpiece that is smaller than half of a dime & holds 3 billion songs. One day, maybe, but today we get the new Shuffle. It’s half the size of the 2nd generation version. It will support multiple playlists, a feature I miss from my Nano. To sweeten the deal a bit, Apple has added their new VoiceOver tech to it. Basically, your iPod will now talk to you. Press a button & it will tell you the name of the song, the name of the artist, & the name of the playlist you’re...
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