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The CW Fall Schedule

I must admit, The CW has a very bare looking schedule. Not sure what the game plan here is, but it certainly looks like they are going to do more reruns & syndicated shows than anything else. 2009 Fall Schedule Tuesday, Sept. 8 8 pm: 90210 9 pm: Melrose Place (new series) Bookmark It Hide Sites
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What Fate Lies For Your Favorite TV Shows?

Entertainment Weekly was kind enough to put together a list of all the major television shows & their fates. How is your favorite looking? Canceled? Renewed? Or on the chopping block? Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Daily Movie/TV Tidbits 05/01/09

Disney is acquiring 30% of Hulu, so look for ABC shows to become available on the site at some point or another. The teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender has been confirmed to screen in front of copies of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Bookmark It Hide Sites
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Wii Virtual Console Release This Week

Typically I won’t cover these, but this one is special, so here it is. This week is seeing the release of Ogre Battle. Why is this special? Well, first, it as a very rare game released back in 1995 (1993 in Japan). The reason it was rare is because Enix only released 25,000 copies here in the States. Some copies sell on the secondary market for more than 300% of their MSRP. Second, it was probably one of the best strategy games of it’s time & received a ton of critical praise. Fanboys all around have been begging for this one to get re-released. Now they have their wish. Ogre Battle...
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March 12th ‘Smallville’ Will Expose It All

Normally, I wouldn’t post things like this. But, every once in a while something comes up that is big enough that I will make an exception. This is one of those times. First, I want to say that I don’t follow Smallville. Not that I don’t like it or anything, but because I didn’t have time to watch it when it first started & I don’t want to start in the middle of the show. So, I have been getting each season as it comes out & when the series is done I will spend some time watching the entire thing. As I was surfing around, I found a trailer on the CW website...
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TV News: Family Guy, Simpsons, etc…

Family Guy is going “Next Generation”. An episode set to air next month entitled ‘Not All Dags Go To Heaven’ will reunited the cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes will all reprise their roles. The story involves Stewie getting mad that he wasn’t able to ask all his questions at a local con, so, he builds a teleporter & transports the cast to his bedroom so they can spend the day together. Bookmark It Hide...
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